Sunday, August 21, 2011

A FIRST for everything.

photo taken of my daughter's first time on a wakeboard on August 20, 2011 at Rockport Reservoir

Some people fear trying anything new. We fear the unknown, we fear not succeeding. We don't always like to attempt something we have never done before.

I found much symbolism in the process of having my daughter try to wakeboard and get up for the FIRST time. She had attempted to wakeboard previously this year down at Lake Powell but was unsuccessful. I think there was a reason why... it was because I was in the water with her.. helping her every move.. I was overcompensating and controlling too much instead of having her learn by her own mistakes.

 Yesterday, we tried something new. We had her get in the water alone.  I helped her get ready, put on her wakeboard, gave her a pep talk, and handed her the rope.

Holding tightly to a rope, she was patient, confident and willing to rely on the power of the boat to "get up"....not on her dad. Although her dad was there to help her, and give her some advice... but she needed to experience this on her own.  Without a rope, and without the power of the boat. she would stay submerged in the water, never to experience the exhileration of gliding on water.  While it took her several attempts, she finally succeeded. We were all so proud of her.

Tomorrow is the FIRST day of school for the upcoming school year for all my daughters. Tonight I sat down with each daughter and gave them a blessing. It is a privilege to give Father's Blessings... A blessing to connect them to the power that will help them "get UP", to hold onto a rope that will hopefully bless them to have a wonderful school year.

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