Monday, August 15, 2011

Connected to EARTH and HEAVEN: THE TEPEE

photo taken August 8, 2011 of a Teepee near Little Bighorn Battlefield in Montana
"And my father dwelt in a tent."
I Nephi 2: 15

The word "tipi" comes into English from the Lakota language; the word thípi consists of two elements: the verb thí, meaning "to dwell", and  pi, and means "they dwell". Lakota verbs can be used as nouns and this is the case with thípi, which in practice just means "dwelling".

The tipi was durable, provided warmth and comfort in winter, was dry during heavy rains, and was cool in the heat of summer. Tipis could be disassembled and packed away quickly when a tribe decided to move and could be reconstructed quickly when the tribe settled in a new area.

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