Sunday, October 10, 2010

Personal Revelation: A Line of Communication

Photo taken over Heber Valley on Saturday October 9, 2010."This personal line of communication with our Heavenly Father
through His Holy Spirit is the source of our testimony of truth,
of our knowledge, and of our personal guidance from a loving Heavenly Father.
It is an essential feature of His marvelous gospel plan,
which allows each one of His children to receive a personal witness of its truth."
Elder Dallin H. Oaks, October 2010 Conference.
I took my daughter fishing on Saturday. Driving up to the lake, my daughter looked out the window and said, "Look Dad, it looks like Jesus is coming down". I pulled over and luckily had my camera with me and took this picture.
Communication is defined as the act of imparting, conferring, or delivering, from one to another knowledge, opinions or facts. The best form of communication is face to face, but we also use other forms like the writing, phones calls ... and now days "texting" each other. All with the goal to "communicate" with each other.
Back in the day a fun experiment was to take two cans connected with a string. One person would speak into the can, the other would hold the can to their ear. The vibrations send along the string would transmit the voice. In order for this too work, the string needed to be a direct line, completely straight and tight... If there were knots or other interferences with the string, the message could not be understood.
In this photo... Dark clouds cover the entire sky. The sun is not visible except in one place. One can see the direct beam of light descending down from heaven. One must be perfectly aligned with heaven in order to be able to see the sun directly over head.

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