Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Spiritual Temple: Living Water mirroring a Physical Structure

Photo taken as the sun was setting on October 27, 2010
"...and a fountain shall come forth of the house of the Lord."
Joel 3: 18
So this photo is symbolic for me. I see two temples. You can see the physical structure of the temple in the background..but in the foreground I see a symbolic "spiritual" temple.. while others might just see a fountain . (however, similiar to a temple, not necessarily the Salt Lake Temple.. more like the Jordan River Temple.) Earthly structures built by man will eventually be destroyed.. just like our bodies will eventually die. What continues on is the Spirit, or actually more correct.. the intelligence which has no beginning or no end. Living water is referred to revelation.. The communication of truth to men by God Himself or in other words.. light and truth.. or adding to our intelligence.
We tend to worship and/or revere things that we create with our hands, even institutions or even others in authority and don't seek out for ourselves the living waters, higher intelligence that comes from above to us directly.

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