Monday, October 25, 2010

Animal Symbolism

Photo taken on October 22nd near our family cabin up Big Cottonwood Canyon.

The Moose:

· The moose is an ancient power symbol seen during Late fall/early winter before the Time of Approaching Shadows.
· This animal is viewed as a special sacred gift.
· It is a dual/contradictory animal…Awkward… yet graceful.
· Known for its invisibility; (Large/Powerful in size.. yet is able to camouflage itself)
(like the powerful magician who appears as a poor shepherd, woodcutter, or peasant)
· It has great depth perception and is known for its speed and grace negotiated through rough environment than often “trip’s up” others.
· The male moose is connected with glory/ with its crown of antlers.
· The moose itself represents the primal feminine energy.. and seen often in water (lakes and marshes).. a place of rebirth
· The female moose/ cow is very protective of their young.. it has one of the strong maternal instincts.. and no animal who knows better would attempt to get between her and her offspring.
· A moose has the ability to dive and be completely submerged in water … The moose will do this for food…representing the ability to go back into the depth of water and draw new life and nourishment. ( from life …to death and then back to life. )
· Also attributed to the moose is the ability to move from the outer world to the inner world
· Knows how to use the thin thread/veil that separates life and death to ones advantage.
· Known for the keen sense of smell.. and discernment. … represented by the large nose feature of the moose
· The Moose also represents the harvesting season, peaking in October.. a power season when a new cycle is about to begin. Mating season has already occurred.
· The moose also represents an invitation to learn to explore new depths of awareness and sensitivities within yourself and in your environment.
· Also very significant is the fact that the Baby Moose (calf) is born with her eyes open. The light has never left the baby.. but still needs to be able to trust the light.

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