Friday, October 1, 2010

General Conference Weekend

Photos of the LDS Conference Center inside and out taken on October 1, 2010
Behold, we have built sanctuaries,
and we do assemble ourselves together to worship
We do believe that God will save all men.
Alma 21:6
You will notice in both of these photographs that not a single person is visible.. however starting tomorrow this place will be packed and swarming with people. Humans are social creatures.. we like to gather. Assembly Halls or Conference Centers are sometimes referred to as sanctuaries. A sanctuary is defined as a house consecrated to the worship of God, a place where divine service is performed. This weekend is the LDS Worldwide General Conference. This building will be filled to capacity.. with over 21,000 people. Amazing.
Just a sidenote...a recently took a tour of the Conference Center, the host/tour guide called the building the 8th wonder of the world. He also mentioned that is was paid for by private donations and revenue/profits from the church's owned businesses before it was finished . For some reason...I was under the impression that tithing money was used. Despite the possibility that the Saints/members didn't contribute/sacrificed to have this built.. It truly is a beautiful and fine sanctuary. In reading the Book of Mormon again recently..I have always wondered if Nephi is only referring to the Catholic church or others denominations when talking about sanctuaries that will be built up in the last days. We have a tendency to think that Nephi is never referring to us when he is giving warnings. If so, we would be wise to not be boastful of the structures we build.. and always be mindful and more concerned about feeding the poor, and helping the homeless. With all of the billions of dollars we have used in renovating and building up downtown Salt Lake around the temple, I hope we are also helping to build the "kingdom" by helping those who are less fortunate.

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