Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Higher Perspective

Photo taken from my plane leaving from Salt Lake looking down at the Wasatch Mountains.
" I will give them power that they may behold and view these things as they are."
D&C 5: 13, 24
In the upper left part of this photo is Mount Timpanogas. From this perspective it doesn't look as impressive as it does from the valley in Utah County. However the ridge line of the mountains in the foreground are beautiful and impressive from this perspective above... yet, from below in the valley, this commom mountain range is not viewed to be as beautiful as the landmark Mt. Timp... yet from above.. it is magnificent.
Perspective: The manner in which objects appear to the eye from any distance and situation, real and imaginary.
View: The whole extent seen. Sight, power of seeing.

How is our perspective on things in this world? Is our perspective from the "valley's" the proper view of how things really are? What do things look like from the higher perspective? Could the things that don't look as impressive from "below" actually be viewed amazing from above? and vice versa?

We learn in the Doctrine and Covenants that the Lord will grant unto us the the view of the things which we desire to see if we do not exalt ourselves.. but humble ourselves sufficiently in mighty prayer and faith, in the sincerity of our hearts. (D&C 5: 24)

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