Thursday, August 15, 2013


This is Sacred Falls. I hiked this alone early one morning. Reached the falls by 7:00 AM. There is quite a bit I could write about this hike, suffice it to say, it is named appropriately.

"Tarzan and the Janes"
We each took turns swinging from the vines that hang from the trees on our way to Maunawili Falls.
After a fairly long hike, crossing the river multiple times and hiking thru mud, we finally reached Maunawili Falls. We swam and jumped off the rock cliffs.

 It felt higher than it looks to jump in.

Hiking with the Lohmeiers up to Manoa Falls. Beautiful Garden of Eden trees and forest.

 The family loved having Matthew and Sara Lohmeier with us on our trip.

The Manoa Falls.


 Hiking back down from the falls.

One more photo of Sacred Falls. The huge rock boulders at the base of the waterfall is significant. Many years ago, these rocks came tumbling down from the steep cliffs above taking the lives of many who happened to hike that fateful morning to the Falls.  A very sacred and somber feeling is felt at the Falls.

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