Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Day One of our Trip

Since my parents are now serving a mission in Nauvoo, I will be trying to sharing more family photos on this blog to keep them updated with what is happening in our lives. The next several blog posts will be of our recent trip to the Island of Oahu. Since I took close to 2000 photos on our trip, I will be selective in what I post as to not exceed the limit allowed on the blog.

Day One: Departure
We flew to Seattle and were able to see the Mount Rainier from the plane. Beautiful. It would be fun to climb sometime.
First time for Eden on the plane. She loved her sucker as we took off so her ears wouldn't hurt, as well as our ears to make sure we didn't have to hear her cry.
Eden was happy. Stayed up the entire flight, but finally succumbed to sleeping last 10 minutes of the 7 hour total flight. We were lucky enough to have the only vacant seat for her to sit and play and look out the window.
Kisses for Dad!

 Here is the hotel we stayed at when we landed in Oahu. We couldn't check in to our condo until the next day.
Here is what our hotel room looked like. Complete with two single beds for a family of six. Reminded me of my dorm room in college but smaller. Needless to say, we checked out early (around 7:00 AM after a not so comfortable night of sleeping.
Total time spent in room: about 6 hours.  

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  1. I can vouch for the similarity to the dorm room in college! Cramped quarters.