Monday, August 12, 2013

Viewing last nights Meteor Shower up in the mountains

I took two of my daughters last night up into mountains to watch the Perseid meteor Shower.  This cosmic event is visible each year in the summers with the peak activity between August 9-14. It is the most famous of all meteor showers because these meteors move much faster across the sky .During the peak, the rate of meteors reaches 60 or more per hour.  These showers have been observed for about 2000 years. The earliest record of Perseids meteor shower activity comes from the Chinese where it is said in their annuals that in 36 AD "more than 100 meteors flew thither this morning"
We stayed up most of the night watching the meteors which at times looked more like impressive fireballs.

In addition to the meteor shower, early in the morning before the sun came up, we were able to watch an impressive lightning and thunderstorm pass across the sky.
Here are some photos of the sunrise. Red in the morning.. sailors warning. It was definitely red this morning.

Our campsite where we slept.

Driving home we saw two moose cross the road. By the time I found my camera under all our sleeping bags, I missed the close-up.

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