Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The two most popular tourist attractions in Hawaii

Since we were going to be staying for awhile in Hawaii, I actually got a library card. The main purpose was to check out the movie, Pearl Harbor. We watched it the night before we went on the actual tour of Pearl Harbor and see the sunken ship, the USS Arizona. The movie really effected my family. My oldest daughter cried almost uncontrollably during the movie.


There is still a very somber and reverent feeling at Pearl Harbor.


I added this picture of my wife and I and Eden on the ferry ride over to the USS Arizona, despite it not being a very photo of us, but to point out what Eden is doing. We found out that she is has very sensitive ears. In this photo is "covering" her ears (probably because of the boat motor noise) What is interesting that even in the ocean with the waves she would cover her ears. So funny since I love the noise of both.



 If any of you who have been to the PCC, this Samoan man is basically a celebrity. He has been performing for many many years and is one funny man. He is the fire starter and coconut man. We had our luau in the Samoan country of the PCC and he was our master of ceremonies. 

My daughters kind of have a crush on both of this young Samoans.
It was there idea to get photos with them.  

Here is a photo that Kat took at our luau. Great food. That night we went to see the show "Ha, The Breath of Life". It was the highlight on the day. Our dear friends the Lohmeiers joined us that night as well, but unfortunately didn't get a photo with them.  

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