Tuesday, August 13, 2013


I had done some research online about a ancient cave up the Waianae Coast, so we took the day to go exploring and spend some time up this less populated area along the leeward side of the Island. We drove up as far as the road would go. We had a hard time finding the cave, but stopped at  Kaneana Point. Ironically, the cave was directly across from this rock, but unless you knew where to look, you would not have found the cave. 

According to the Hawaiian Legend, Kaneana is a sacred ana (cave) that ancient Hawaiians named after the god of creation. From inside the depth of Kaneana, symbolic of the earth goddess's womb, mankind emerged and his existence spread throughout the Waianae coast. The souls of those that pass on go to Kala'au (symbolized by this rock on the other side of Ka'ena Point). From there, souls ascend to Po, the realm of ancestral spirits, completing the cycle of life.  The "Malama Ko Makou Aina"  I think means "care for/of our land",

We brought flashlights with us and so we entered the cave. Eden was really excited as you can see from the below photo.

However, some of us were a little creeped out because of another urban legend that we had heard about the cave. Legend goes that within Makua Cave lives a shapeshifting Shark-Man that transforms into human form to lure people into the cave. It is because of this that during the ancient Hawaiian times, people were forbidden from entering Makua Cave, fearful that they would be attacked or eaten by the Shark-Man.

We then attempted to find a remote (hard to access) beach called the Ohiki-lolo.  We didn't realize how hard it would be to access. My family was not to happy about the difficulty of trying to make our way down to this secluded beach. It was treacherous with thorns and sharp branches.

 We finally found the beach. And enjoyed the seclusion and exploring the wading pools looking for shells.

 Part of the sea floor is natural sandstone, which almost looked like a nice smooth deck.

Brooke and Sarah looking for fish and shells in the tidepools. 

It was another beautiful day in Paradise.

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