Wednesday, January 4, 2012


photo of Sarah's first time Ice Skating taken on December 28, 2011
"Arise; ... be of good courage, and do it."
Ezra 10:4

It sounds crazy to attach a sharp thin blade to the bottom of your feet and then then try to stand up on a sheet of ice. Not only do you have to worry about falling on your head, but you run the risk of cutting yourself with a razor sharp blade... Yet we do this for fun and enjoyment. Common sense would tell you to not attempt it because you could get hurt. We are told to avoid things in our lives that potentially could harm us. If we only wear rubber shoes and walk on stable ground we will never know what it feels like to glide on ice.. one of the closest things that humans have to flying.    


  1. I just wanted to thank you for all the effort you put into sharing your blog. It has made me realize there are deep lessons in nearly everything and every place. May God bless us to be fearless in sharing the truth and testimony.

    Eyes to see, Ears to hear...

    Once again, thank you Brother.

  2. On another note...this message is exactly what I need to hear in a very personal part of my life experience right now. Thank you.