Tuesday, October 25, 2011


photo taken today of Little Cottonwood Creek in Murray Park on October 25, 2011

 Tranquility: the state of being tranquil; calmness; serenity.

I went for a walk today. I have enjoyed this fall season... I am surprised that there are still alot of green leaves on the trees even though it is almost November. The weather has seemed different this year.

Having our newest daughter Eden has been such a blessing. Since she is still sleeping alot, our home has been very peaceful.  You wouldn't normally think having a new born baby would bring calmness and serenity to our life. Well for now, it has... Tranquility is a rare commodity these days. We will enjoy it as long as we can.

Tonight I was called to give a blessing to a friend who was rushed into the ER. He had cut his cornea in his eye. After the blessing all of us in the room felt peace..we felt tranquil that everything will be find. So grateful to feel peace in a world of chaos and uncertainty.

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