Tuesday, October 4, 2011


photos taken in sequence of my third hike on the Fall Equinox
September 24, 2001

.."And in the morning, rising up a great while before day,
he went out, and departed into a solitary place, and there prayed."
Mark 1: 35

I have selected 15 photos from the 3rd hike I climbed on the weekend of Fall Equinox..  I set my alarm clock to wake up 3:04 AM. Exactly 12 hours from when the Fall Equinox began.  (Sidenote:The 3 hour period from 3:00 to 6:00 AM is called the Fourth Watch in the scriptures) There is much symbolism and significance to this time period.)

All of these photos are important to me. It has  been said that a picture is worth a thousand words. One will look at these photos and see only a couple of words, but for me.. there are thousands.  I was going to post the photos individually, but opted to put together a montage... It is best for me to remember in one glance some of highlights of my hike.  They are in sequence... beginning the hike in complete darkness with only the stars to light my path.. and the light that I carried with me.

There is much significance to photo number 8. The Center photo of the sun rising. The Sun rays forming an X, a chiasm. Tender Mercies

Photo 1: Start of hike in Darkness: only stars visible, no moon, Orion was very prominent in sky
Photo 2: Light increased as I climbed higher, increase of light once the moon appeared over the horizon.
Photo 3: Reached what I thought was the peak and could see the signs (red color) in the sky that the time was close...Unfortunately I could see there was one more peak Ineeded to climb to reach the summit. Left everything behind in order to hike it  in time before the sun rose.(except for my camera)
Photo 4: Almost the top of the higher peak and surprised to see what appears like a train .. which was used to mine silver. The train and tracks only could go so far. Journey then becomes individual.
Photo 5: The depths of a deep cave near the peak.. darkness, fallen, and  unable to see the bottom. Symbolic of the descent, Garden of Gethsemane
Photo 6: Five Metal Nails. Symbolism of the crucifixion and the five wounds.
Photo 7: The Cross.
Photo 8: Passing the Cross, reached the top and experience the sun rising in overwhelming glory.
Photo 9: The Peak.. full sunlight rising from the east
Photo 10: Looking back at the view of the peak from where I left all my belonging.  (3 white peaks)
Photo 11: Sacred ground.
Photo 12: Dead Tree, no growth, no life.. symbolic of the adversary and Serpent-like. No more power.
Photo 13: The change of the aspen leaves to a gold color.
Photo 14: The sparrow. A symbolic bird in the scriptures.
Photo 15: Lone Golden-leaf Aspen Tree rising above the other unchanged green-leaf trees

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