Friday, October 28, 2011


photos taken on our Daddy/Daughter date on October 21, 2011

equal: Having the same value, degree, being in just proportion
quality: Superiority of kind, Having a high degree of excellence

Both of these word have the root "qual"...meaning "degree of goodness". Lately much emphasis has been placed on the new arrival of our baby daughter, Eden. It is important that my other daughters recieve EQUAL.. and QUALITY time as well from their dad.  Since I have taken some time off of work to be home with our baby, I also took each of my older daughters out on a one-one daddy/daughter date . My daughter Brooke and I spent the day golfing (her idea :)) and then she wanted me to take her shopping. We had a great time. She played all 9 holes, drove the cart the entire time and did really well. I was proud of her. She is alot of fun to be with. I love her. She looks so much like my wife.

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