Monday, July 12, 2010

Discovering your family

Photo taken at Crystal Cove Beach near Newport, California on July 9, 2010
"And as I partook of the fruit thereof it filled my soul with exceedingly great joy; wherefore, I began to be desirous that my family should partake of it also; for I knew that it was desirable above all other fruit.
And as I cast my eyes round about, that perhaps I might discover my family also.."
I Nephi 8: 12

I am truly a blessed man. We just returned from a wonderful trip to the West Coast. I don't think there is anything better than getting away from all the distractions of life and work and spend time with your wife and children. Cell phones (even though I don't have one), Work Schedules, Appointments, Committments etc were ALL silenced to the sound of waves, seagulls, and walking on the sand.

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