Tuesday, May 17, 2011


photo taken of my parents at my dad's 80th Birthday Party at the Lion House

photo of my three daughters outside my dad's Birthday Party at the Lion House
"And this is mine everlasting covenant,
that when thy posterity shall embrace the truth, and look upward,
 then shall Zion look downward, and all the heavens shall shake with gladness,
and the earth shall tremble with joy."
JST Genesis 9:22

I'll continue posting pictures of my Arizona trip.. but I wanted to quickly insert these pictures and acknowledge my dad and his amazing accomplishment of turning 80 but still looking like he is 20 years younger.. same with my mom. The good look genes skipped a generation and were then passed down to my daughters. We celebrated my dad's birthday last Saturday on May 14, 2011 at the Lion House.

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  1. Your father looks great for 80! Did he marry a younger woman?