Saturday, May 14, 2011

Further Light and Knowledge

photo taken on May 10, 2011 of the Northside of the Mesa Temple

The temple is one place where we can recieve further light and knowledge. This is where I began my 1000 mile trip in Arizona. In addition to spiritual "light", I received "physical light" here (in the form of flashlights from a friend to explore caves on my way up the Grand Canyon), as well as more knowledge about  the history of the temple. In the temple there are huge murals painted of Joseph and Hyrum Smith teaching the Native Americans. The settlement of the Latter-day Saints in Arizona began in 1858 when Jacob Hamblin led a group of pioneers to the area. Jacob Hamblin became a friend to various Native American Tribes. He is sometimes referred to as the "Buckskin Apostle," or the "Apostle to the Lamanites. A charge set out by the early church to seek of the remnant for who the Book of Mormon is written for.

The Mesa Temple has carved panels at each of the four corners of the temple symbolically depicting the gathering of the various groups of converts (gathering of Israel). This temple is one of the few temples that does not have a spire nor Angel Moroni.

The temple experience was powerful since I brought Native American names with me and did the baptism and confirmations for these men.

Luke 21: 34-36

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