Sunday, May 1, 2011

April Showers (...SNOW?) bring May Flowers

photos taken on April 30, 2011 after 8 inches of snow fell at our house.

I am behind on writing about all the photos I have been posting. Seems like I only have time to take the picture and post.. and not write about the symbolism or insight. Yesterday we woke up to a freak snow storm which left over 8 inches of snow on our lawn. This year has been a strange year for weather across much of the world. A record number of tornados this past week has killed over 300 people in the Southern States. Huge devastiting earthquakes and tsunami's killing tens of thousands of people in Japan. Everyweek there seems to be another major disaster in the news. We are worried about severe flooding in Salt lake in the next month due to all of the snow we have gotten this winter (and continue to get in Late Spring) Next month will be the first day of Summer. Seems as if the seasons have shifted.

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