Friday, September 24, 2010

Spring Equinox vs Fall Equinox

This year I felt impressed to take a hike during my lunch break on both the spring equinox and on the fall equinox. Same hike, but 6 months apart. I really didn't want to hike with camera, but knew that it was important to document what I saw. I learned recently if you want to learn more about our Father in Heaven.. just step outside your front door and become as little child... open, humble, teachable, meek and submissive. All things testify of Him.. we just need to develop the eyes to see Him. Here is a few observations that I have learned about the cycles of life and which part of the cycle we are in right now in the history of the world.
See the collection of photos below:
What I saw on the spring equinox: Everything was green and growing. Many bees pollinating the flowers. I saw butterflies that had begun as a new creature from being a caterpillar. I saw birds. I saw beautiful wildflowers like the sego lily and indian paintbrush flower.
What I saw a couple of days ago on the fall equinox: Almost everything was dried up, all the beautiful flowers that I saw in the spring were gone, Instead of bees.. I saw flies. I saw thousands of crickets eating what was left of anything that was still alive. I saw a couple "dragonlike" reptile toads. I saw dead snake skin.
Hiking up this same path in the fall was not as beautiful as in the spring. I actually had a sick feeling of decay and death. Things were either dead or in the process of dying. This is the natural cycle of things.
A season of birth folllowed by a season of growing, then a season of decay and then ultimately the final season of death before a life begins again. One eternal round. We are now in the harvest season as the earth and living things begin to fall and decay.
Fall Equinox
photos taken on a hike above the SL Valley onSeptember 23rd

Spring Equinox

photos taken on the same hike on the Spring Equinox on March 19th, 2010

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