Monday, September 20, 2010

Chiasmus: The Symmetry and Focal Point

Photo taken in the Cinque Terre city of Vernazza in Italy in May 2009
Genesis 7:11

"Resurrection" by Karl Bloch

Last Saturday, I attended an all day conference "Discoveries in Chiasmus". Chiasmus is a pattern in all things. Each presenter from various fields and disciplines showed this pattern in the scriptures as well as in art, literature, architecture, science, biology, and music. One of the paintings that was used to show this form was this painting by Karl Bloch. (I usually only post photographs that I have taken with the exception of this and the other Bloch painting that I posted at the beginning of my blog.)

When looking to find a photo to post today, I came across the photo of these windows which is very similiar to the Karl Bloch painting. Two shutters on either side (Two angels) of the main subject. Flowers in the lower middle of the image. A painted archway= a dooway, main subject is the windows... main focus is Christ.

I learned that the world is full of revelation. The Lord is shouting to us all around. Unfortunately many of us are too deaf and blind to see and hear. Do we open our windows of our soul to open up and see the beautiful 'flower's just outside.. or do we keep our shutters closed?

Here is a write up in the newspaper about the conference:

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