Sunday, February 26, 2012

STAR GAZING (not to be confused with Oscar Night in Hollywood)

Photos taken tonight on February 26, 2012

the Big Dipper above Mount Olympus taken on Wasatch Boulevard
The big dipper to the left and the bright star on the right which is Mars.

While most people were watching the "brightest stars" in Hollywood at the Oscars... there were heavenly stars or brightest planets in the solar system that lined up in the evening sky last night. The planets Venus and Jupiter  were visible in the western evening sky at sunset on Sunday, with the crescent moon hovering nearby. The planet Mercury was also visible briefly just after sunset before slipping below the horizon,. and the planet Mars is also was visible in the east a few hours after sunset.

While most the day was somewhat hazy, it was an a tender mercy to have the clouds dissipate to view the heavens last night. I was grateful to get a few nice photos of the planets, moon and other constellations like the Big Dipper.

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