Friday, April 13, 2012


This was Birthday week at our home. My wife's Birthday was on Monday.. and today is my oldest daughter, Jessica's Birthday. She is now 14 years old... going on 18. :)

Last night I picked her up from her dance class. As we entered our neighborhood, she turned and asked me if she could hold the steering wheel and drive. This was her first time that she had experienced driving a car. While I still controlled the speed and could put on the brakes.. she was in control the direction of the car. I thought about this is and thought it to be symbolic of our relationship with our Heavenly Father. He allows us the ability to choose the direction we take in our life.. but He ultimately has the power to stop or accelerate things as He sees fit.

Anyway. I love you Jessica. I hope you had a good day. If your dad had a cell phone, he would text you. If I had a facebook account, I would have written on your wall, but I think the best way to wish you a Happy Birthday is to give you a hug and dedicate this Blog post to you.

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