Tuesday, December 6, 2011


 photo taken near Memory Grove on December 5, 2011
Note: the middle leaf  is shaped like a heart with 5 main veins from the center stem.
Christ uses the example of a living "vine" or branch or description of His Father as a husbandman to suggest you should have a living connection to God. A living connection implies you are in contact with Him. You hear from and listen to Him. He is a part of you and an active part of your life and growth.

How each of us received contact with God, how we hear His voice, and what gifts we possess are unique. There is no single, universal way for one to "hear His voice and know that He is". And so it is a mistake to ignore your own unique talent for "hearing" your Father in Heaven. He did not send you here powerless to hear Him. But it will require you to develop the capacity. Relying merely upon your "feeling" or "emotions" alone is insufficient; you must learn to hear His voice.

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