Monday, August 9, 2010

Teaching my Children.. actually teaches ME.

Photo of my daughter Brooke mowing our backyard on Aug 5, 2010.
"I will go before thee, and make the crooked places straight."
Isaiah 45:2

Last week, while my wife was out of town, I gained a greater appreciation/empathy for my wife.. as well as those in this world who are single working parents (those who have the overwhelming responsibility of working, parenting, and taking care of the house and yard ALONE.) Too much for one person.

As I was trying to get the house/yard looking good before my better half returned home, my middle daughter asked if she could help me.. and next on my list was mowing the lawn. My first response was.. "oh, that is okay.. daddy will do it." Probably somewhat disappointed from my declining her wish, she just stood outside watching me mow. Justifying my actions, I thought to myself .....I still have alot to do.. and letting her help would a) take more time and b) not look as good since I am very meticulous in having the lines straight when I mow.

Then the "teaching moment" happened.. to ME. I had the strong impression that I was to allow my daughter to mow the lawn. So, I stopped the mower, I called her over and said, okay... Let's mow the lawn together. Concerned that she wouldn't hurt herself.. I walked beside her as she held on to the gas powered lawnmower. She would come to the end of the lawn and stop. I would then turn the mower around and then she would proceed to mow the other direction. Back and forth.. until we finished. I tried not to correct the crookedness and unstraight lines. Looking back.. the lawn never looked so good.

The prompting to teach my daughter to mow, actually was a lesson from the Lord to teach me. Even though He is all-powerful, He allows each of us to learn, make the mistakes, walk in crooked paths as He walks beside us. He will turn us around when needed. He is patient. Only through Him can our crooked paths be made straight.

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