Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Bees and the Hive...a Zion-like society

Photo Taken in a cemetary in Park City, UT on July 28, 2010
"And they did also carry with them deseret, which, by interpretation, is a honey bee."
Ether 2:3
Like most kids, we were taught early in our lives to run away from bees. We didn't want to get stung. Bees were never seen as "good"... we just wanted their honey. When I took this picture, since I was not fearful of the bee.. it did not harm me. It was fun to watch it gather the pollen from this flower.

I wanted to post some interesting things that I learned about bees from reading a chapter written by my friend, Yvonne Bent.

"Joseph Smith and Brigham Young had a very good understanding of bees. Utah was originally going to be named Deseret, which meant ‘Honey Bee”. The product of the bees is the most perfect food on the earth. The Jaredites ate this food while on their journeys across the waters in the barges. Lehi and his company carried bees with them to the promised land. There is an obvious message that the properties of honey is important to make this earthly journey with success and health. We would do well to examine the bee and benefits of honey closer.

Bees wear their lives out in the service of the hive. Everything the bee does is for the benefit of the hive. All the product the bees deliver, (for example: the resin used to protect the hive, the royal jelly for the queen so that she can continue in the reproduction and life of the hive, the honey for the life of the bees, and the wax for their housing); ALL of this is turned into the good of the hive."

Sounds like the bees live in a Zion-like society.

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