Tuesday, June 5, 2012


photo taken on June 5, 2012

A Recap of yesterday's wonders in the sky:
  • Simultaneous sunrise and moonset
  • The Transit of Venus
  • Magnicent Burning Red Sunset
 The day was a living parable of sorts for me.
The first top two photos were taken in the morning of June 5, 2012... just after the break of dawn around 6:00 AM. The end of the fourth watch. The left photo is of the sun rising between two mountains. I took these photos near Elk Ridge. The right photo is tof the moon setting. As the greater light ascended, the lesser light descended simultaneously. Then, starting at 4:30 PM the symbolic planet of Venus began its transit across the sun. This will not occur again for over a hundred years. This is the 2nd eclipse of the sun this year. A winterlike cold front moved into Salt Lake that afternoon causing the entire city to be covered with clouds. The sun was not visible at all. Since this event was important to me, I needed to leave work, and left the valley and drove southeast over Traverse Ridge up to Eagle Point where I found the sun shining. I took many pictures as I witness the planet Venus aligning with the Sun.
Later that evening, right around the peak time of the eclipse, the sun came out at my home. I quickly took more pictures. The center photo was taken outside my house on my driveway. I then took my family and drove up towards the mountains on Wasatch Bouvelard to watch the sunset. The photo on the bottom is a taken with solar filter on. It was a beautiful red sky.

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