Monday, June 25, 2012


photo taken on June 15, 2012 of Eden's first trip to Disneyland.

"And it came to pass that Jesus blessed them as they did pray unto him;
and his countenance did smile upon them,
and the light of his countenance did shine upon them."
3 Nephi 19:25

Smiling is an expression denoting pleasure, joy and happiness. Smiling is something that is understood by everyone despite culture, race, or religion; it is internationally known. Newborns often exhibit smiles within the first three days of their lives, especially while sleeping. However these early smiles are spontaneous and are not a response to outside stimulation. These early smiles are referred to as "reflex smiles." Between 6 and 8 weeks, most babies begin to exhibit "social smiles", meaning the baby will smile at his/her caregivers or in response to stimuli. 

Our daughter Eden just turned 8 months old. Smiling comes naturally to her. We just returned from our family vacation to California. We took her to Disneyland for the first time. Many call it the "Happiest Place on Earth". Most tend to rely on entertainment to make us happy. However, true happiness comes from within.