Monday, May 21, 2012

SOLAR ECLIPSE: A Sign in the Heavens

Below are some photos I took of the allular solar eclipse down at the Parowan Gap. The work allular means “shaped like or forming a ring”. This type of solar eclipse is also called the “Ring of Fire”... because a ring of sunlight will still be seen as the new moon passing between Earth and the Sun, which blocks most, but not all, of the sun’s disc.

I feel there is some symbolism in this “sign in the heaven”. It begins a new day, a birth, a crowning... it is sacred especially since it occured on the Sabbath.

The Sun is a symbol of the Male, the Father, and Light. The Moon is a symbol of the Female, the Mother, Phases and cycles, the Womb. (A “New” Moon is unseen to us which is symbolic of Mother in Heaven.)

When this solar eclipse occurred, the sun and moon aligned and became "one." An eternal gold ring appears. It looked as if the Moon had a golden crown.  Interesting in childbirth just before the baby is born there is a moment in time called the Ring of Fire. It is right at the point of “crowning” when the baby's head remains visible without slipping back in. It is the most intense pain occurs and womans body feels like it is on fire.

There is alot more I could share, but here is a series of 8 photos (8 symbolic of rebirth). All of these photos are not photoshopped but are "pure" from the camera, however but the different effects were created by the settings on the camera I was using and a lens filter I had on my camera to shoot directly into the sun.

Photo 1:
The Sun just before the eclipse started around 6:00 PM on May 20, 2012. (due to the camera lens, the sun looks alot like an 8 pointed star.. alot of symbolism in this photo alone)

Photo 2:
The moon begining to align with the sun. High contrast between the glowing white light of the sun and the shadow of the dark moon

Photo 3:
Intensity beginning just before the complete union and alignment.

Photo 4:
Crowning, ring of fire and climax of the sun and moon's alignment.
Photo 5: 

Photo 6:
Moon beginning to separate from the Sun.

Photo 7:
The sun beginning to descend below the horizon.

Photo 8:
Red Sunset


  1. Thank you for taking all of these photos. There is a lot of symbolism in each photo. Photo 4 is breathtakingly beautiful. Look at all the geometric shapes.