Monday, September 26, 2011


photo taken on September 22, 2011 of original trail leading up to Ensign Peak

RECLAMATION is the process of reclaiming something from being lost or from a less useful condition. It is a act of recovery as well as a restoration. It also could be said that it is the process of rescuing something from error and returning it to it's rightful state.

Last week I climbed to the top of  Ensign Peak, the first of my three hikes. What appears to be the "original" path taken by the early saints to the top is now closed. A sign states that the trail is under reclamation.  A barb wire fence is placed in front of the trail which controls people from ascending to the top of the peak on this original path. The now acceptable path detours the hikers farther away, which makes the hike much longer to reach the top. It does not appear that any work is currently being done to "reclaim"or improve the path.. but instead, weeds are growing over and covering up the trail. I think the desired result is to the erase away this trail.... to forget about it, dissolve it.. not necessarily to "reclaim" the trail.

In the photo, you can see to the right of the sign, a large wood pole that is leaning up against the fence. It looks like some adventurous hiker has used the pole to climb over the barbwire fence and hike on this original trail. Not sure what price needs to be paid for doing this. Most will never do this, since we are obedient to the rules and regulations set up by laws of men.

For the past several weeks I had been reading a 500 page book. I brought the book up with me on the hike and finished the last 50 pages on top of the mountain. It is ironic that the book speaks about the need for reclamation in our lives.

It is amazing how quickly one can hike to the top of the peak by hiking on the original trail. :)

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