Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day: King of the Jungle

photo taken of lion on a safari ride at Animal Kingdom on June 11, 2011
Yesterday was Father's Day. A day we honor our fathers.. the "king" of the family. We know that no king can be powerful unless he has a loving, strong, and nurturing "queen" by his side. The Lion has been a symbolic image in scripture for the Lord, (as well as the Lamb). In modern day literature from CS Lewis in the Chronicles of Narnia, Aslan is the lion which has many similarities to a Savior figure. Christ as a lion is not the ruthless, stealthy, powerfully aggressive, bent on defending its turf, seeking to devour and destroy. But, instead as a symbol for controlled, majestic power and strength.

We know that the day will come in the Millenium that the Lion will lay down with the Lamb. An animal that is once feared, will be one that can be seen playing with babes.
I wanted to share something personal since unless I post it on this blog, I tend to not find the time to write it in my journal.. but recently had a dream about a lion. I will write more shortly.

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  1. Dear KING - I will take that as a compliment! From the QUEEN