Thursday, June 16, 2011

Extreme Contrasts a month apart: from Hogans to Castles

photo taken of a hogan (traditional home of the Navajo people) on May 12, 2011

photo taken of Cinderella's castle at DisneyWorld on June 12, 2011

“All that can not stand, must be shaken.”

Before I left for my trip to Arizona I listened to an audio recording by Lance Richardson, a LDS author of the book, The Message, which talks about his near death experience. In addition to writing his book, Lance did extensive research on the oral history and latter day prophecies of the Native American Indians.

Most fascinating to me was the Hopi Indians oral history. The Hopi’s believe that they did not migrate to this land but came in ships, arriving in what is now Central America. They were a bloodthirsty people, continually at war with their brother tribes. Then came a time when they decided to change their ways. They buried their weapons in the ground, and make a covenant to not shed blood any more. Because they had such a long history of violence, their enemies did not believe their change and came upon them, slaughtering them. But as they saw their sincerity in their conviction, that they would not lift up their swords to defend themselves, many of their brothers joined with them. They moved to a new location further North and their brother tribes made a pact with them to protect them, and they in turn gave them food. They eventually moved North until they came to where they are today. ( The 3 Mesa Arizona reservations) Also in their history… the 'Messau' appeared to them and taught them skills of living and told them prophecies of the future.

The Hopi’s describe dire latter day prophecies of three 'shakings' that are obvious references to World Wars I, II and III. The third shaking would not happen if the people turned to God, learning from the first two; but if not, it would be far worse than either the first or the second. The first two were as if with 'one hand,' while the third shaking would be 'with both hands.'

There were several signs that they were given just prior to the Third Shaking. One of which would be that they would be able to hit a button and light would appear in their hogans. (Electricity)

All of this background story leads me up to an experience that I had on my trip. I was able to meet a Native America man and he took me to his hogan (house) seen in the above photo. He made a special point to tell me that just recently a power line was brought out to their remote home. Fulfillment of one of the signs prior to the third shaking. I contrast this with the rest of the world who basically live in a “fairy” tale like living in Cinderella’s castle of an “all is well” mentality. So many signs around us point to an interesting/distressing events all around us…some days it feels that the earth is starting to be shaken for the third time.

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