Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Usual appearing Unusual

Photo taken today March 10, 2011 of a solitiary cloud in the sky
I looked out my window at work and saw this cloud alone in the sky. It is not unusual to see clouds in the sky, but it is somewhat unusual to see one like this. It almost looks like a UFO. LOL. This cloud however was significant for me. It is a personal story which is probably not appropriate to share on this blog. I am grateful for the tender mercies from the Lord .  I testify that the Lord is very mindful of each of us in our lives. He wants us to learn and grow and exercise our spiritual muscles to perform miracles.


  1. You are posting a lot of pictures from your office window. Perhaps that is a sign you are spending way too much at work :) I look forward to your project coming to an end and Disney letting you out of jail :)

  2. I believe that's a lenticular cloud isn't it?