Friday, March 18, 2011

BALANCE between Winter and Summer: The Spring Equinox

Photo taken March 2011 of a Mountain above the Salt Lake Valley.
 This Sunday is the Spring Equinox. I wrote about my climb to the top of this mountain last year on the Spring Equinox and then on the Fall Equinox. It is important for me to continue to acknowledge these days. My mother was born on the Spring Equinox. I have since learned that the first day of Nissan which starts the First Month of the Jewish calendar begins on the Spring Equinox. Dates, The Sun's Positions, alignment never used to interest me much.. but I am now having a greater appreciation for them.

This photo shows the symbolic balance between the winter (snow) and the dry (summer). The dark left side of the mountain is still cold and has snow. The sun hasn't been able to shine yet on that side. The right side is warm and has the light shining on it. The snow has melted and life begins to grow.  This is what Spring is.. balance between the two season when life is resurrected. During the 24 hour period of the Spring Equinox is when there is EQUAL LIGHT  and EQUAL DARKESS in the world. 12 hours of light , and 12 hours of night. One more interesting observation..  3 months ago was the Winter solistice in December of 2010 and we experienced a solar eclipse, complete darkeness. This spring equinox we will have a full moon. Which suggest more light appearing, which I hope will balance the scales in favor of the light.

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