Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Metaphor of the Cut Flowers

Photo taken on Feb 1, 2011 of my wife' bouquet of flowers.
I don't normally buy my wife flowers. I probably should. However, I usually try to buy them at least on the 3 important days of the year: Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, and our Wedding Anniversary. When I bought her these flowers last week, the roses had special meaning.. and took all three of those day's symbolic meaning into account. 

I did have an interesting insight/metaphor that I wanted to share about "cut flowers". Once the flowers are purchased and before they are placed in a vase, one very important thing needs to happen for the flowers to last longer. They must be CUT.  The reason a cut is needed, is becasue the flower has built up a protective seal/film at the end which does not allow new water to enter the stem. In order to have the flower have fresh water, about an inch cut needs to be made allowing for a free flowing openings for water to enter.

Ironically, the word Covenant.. means to "CUT". We too need to be cut, or make covenants with the Lord to keep the free flowing light and truth to enter into our souls. Just like the flower, we will live longer and will blossom.

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